New 30 Day Challenge

I feel shitty that I haven’t posted on here for a huge long time and can’t even find the 30 day challenge I was doing a year ago.

Anyway back again as I was making some of my photo collages and wanted to start ┬ámaking more and posting them here to stay motivated. I haven’t done any in a really long time which is probably why I neglected my blog again.

Here it is and I know I won’t do it every day but I hope it gets me going and posting photo collages:

1. Name of blog: I think it was very inspired as I love the real novel Notes From Underground; I can’t remember it now as I read it several times in high school and college but it conjures up the idea of being an “underground” person and I guess I see my bipolar as my underground persona. She is under the ground all the time with me and sometimes she comes up for air and I have an episode. Sort of like the sidewalk creatures I invented when my dog Elvis was alive on my walks with him I imagined these creatures under the sidewalk. Anyway the blog is exactly like it’s title, my notes from underground, from Bipolar Land, and as I am in the closet with my mental illness, this is the blog where I can be open but stay underground… I hope someone is reading this as it’s hard to blog when nobody reads your posts…



Things you want to say to an ex
Not much
However I have stuff to say to an ex friend of mine who was like a relationship. Things like: you fucking suck that you never paid me the thousands you owed me on my credit card. It’s disgusting behavior. And I did do too much for you. And you are way sicker than me and will be unhappy for the rest of your life because you think you lost me and others because we betrayed you. You’re wrong. You treated me like shit for years while telling me I was your favorite person. You were never my favorite person at least from 1990 on. I realize you were a terrible friend to me because of all the good friends I have now and while we were supposed to be friends .I never want to see you again.

Question 11

Your current relationship
My husband is snoring away; he tells me I snore too and that if he tries to cuddle with me when I’m asleep I hit him and push him away! I’m a deep sleeper and remember nothing of these exchanges. Recently I was sweeter to him in my sleep which I was happy to hear…we fight and disagree but we love each other. I told my daughter tonight about how when we were much younger if he said something sweet or romantic to me he’d have to hound me to look him in the eyes because it was too intense for me..

Question 10

Your views on drugs and alcohol
Too complicated. I have a recovered drug addict alcoholic in my family and I have tried almost every recreational drug out there. Not lately.

Everything is ok in moderation. A glass of red wine very day is good for you. I used to drink a lot as a teenager but now I can barfly have two drinks…